The TV channel is for residents of large cities who live in the atmosphere of chronic stress.
"Home 4k" is aimed at combating stress, at launching a natural self-healing mechanism.
Practise viewing "Home 4K" daily to accumulate energy to keep moving forward.
Whom and how we help
Whom and how we help
Viewer's feedback
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Mike E.
my wife and I constantly look at HOME 4k
Helga R.
I watch in my free time to relax
Alex A.
just usually before going to bed at night, I put it to work as a background
John L.
I don't watch anything else at all
Emma K.
I have a parrot Jacko and we turn this channel on for her
Ann T.
I like to watch it with my children, when you need to calm down a little and see the beauty
Jacob I.
my favorite channel, only watch it
Olivia H.
when the pandemic began, soothes, was bronchitis, soothes breathing.
How we help ReCaMed business
Restaurants, cafes, medical institutions (ReCaMed business) switch on Home Channel on their TV to create an atmosphere of beauty, comfort, and tranquility. The managers note that the original atmosphere is a key factor of the channel existence in a highly competitive ReCaMed market. Ufanet SC, a telecommunications provider, states: Restaurants, cafes, medical institutions in Ufa began to switch on Home in their office TVs within 2 years after the launch of the channel without marketing campaign. The managers saw the channel while watching TV at home and decided to turn it on in the institutions. This fact determined the use of Home as another advantage when selling Ufanet communication services in the ReCaMed segment.
Characteristics of the Channels
1 700 natural locations on the air is the result of more than 400 expeditions
98% of the broadcast is plant and animal world
> 250 hours of unique content
New content is 4 hours / month and 50 hours / year
Original "Sounds of nature" audio track
Compliance with high technical and artistic requirements
Channel production and delivery experience since 2013
Right of public display
Watch us on the networks more of 40 operators and on online platforms
Signal delivery
to the operator

Connection points in the data center of the Russian Federation
(Data center М9, Medialogistika)
Anti-stress series
10 episodes
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✆ + 421 233-33-10-73

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